L Scala – elite club (КАРАОКЕ) We welcome you every day from 12:00. We will take care that you have an unforgettable rest with us. A luxurious interior, the latest light and sound equipments, rich playlist, diverse European or oriental cuisine. A wide assortment of drinks and cocktails will convey specific feelings to your pastime. Starting 20:30 You can enjoy an exquisite and unique show program with the participation modern well-known stars. We also provide a special service – “SING with a star”. It is a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate your vocal skills on the stage! For corporate events, you will be offered special discounts. La Scala elite club is the best destination for your pastime.
No matter how big of a company you choose to visit us - a company along with an old friend
or the whole class (right after your graduation party) or even the whole stuff of your workplace
- you will be more than welcomed in “La Scala”. We will provide all you need for your
unforgettable and confortable passtime in the center of Yerevan.You are given the chance to
sing or dance, talk to people or listen to music, enjoy the amazing show, try delicious dishes
and exotic drinks. The secret is not the wide range of the most famous and new songs, the
flexible technology providing acustics in all angles of the club and not the exclusive interior
with confortable and luxurious sofas either which make you forget about everything that’s

going on outside the walls of the club. The secret is in the atmosphere of happiness and joy, the
feeling that you will always be welcomed and provided all you need to make your leisure time as
unforgettable as possible.